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Stan Sayler

Stanley (Cutter) Sayler
PO box 154 Hebron, ND 58638-0154

ssayler@dakotacommunitybank.com   www.dakotacommunitybank.com

Cutter is married to a Hebron gal, the former Becky Opp and they have at least 1 child. Cutter is some big time officer (Executive Vice President of office equipment or something) with Dakota Community Banks (formerly Security Bank of Hebron). They now have banks all over the place. When you see a new building going up, it is either a new fast food place or a new Dakota Community Bank. The only difference is that they build nicer looking buildings! When you come in to Hebron and see what looks like an addition to the brick yard on top of a hill, it's not, it's Stan and Becky's new horse barn. When they put a house up there, I think it might be a bigger complex then the brick yard!


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