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Nancy Eggert
Nancy Rehling-Eggert
936 2nd Ave E Dickinson, ND 58601-4003
Home 701-483-4239 Cellular 701-260-7542

naeggert@yahoo.com or waeggert@yahoo.com

Nancy is married to Wayne (H. H. S. Class of 1970) Eggert and they have three children. Wayne is employed at Saint Josephs Hospital in Dickinson and Nancy is employed at I believe it is Saint Benedicts Care Center. They have three children: Michelle who is married to my son Ben. Ben & Michelle have one daughter Taryn, who is the pride and joy of both sets of grandparents. Next they have Mike who is a network engineer and currently lives in Billings, Montana and is single. Next Marc who recently married a lovely young lady by the name of Sonya. They both attend Dickinson State University and are also employed. Nancy and Wayne are big time into collecting! Barbie's, Toy's whatever, dusting must be a full time job at their house. They are both also gifted with the remodel gene and have done great things to their houses and recently built a building in their yard that looks like an old gas station. I recently had a building built in my back yard, and well, it looks like a building you'd have built in your back yard. I could not convince them to come and build me one like theirs!

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