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Cara Lee Feil
Cara Lee Feil-Rudolf
1655 Iron Mountain Drive Reno, NV 89521


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Hi to my Hebron classmates,
FYI  my husband and I just became Nevada residents.  He took a job with The Capitol Group Company so we now live in Reno.  It is quite pretty and 40 minutes from Lake Tahoe.  I have had poor luck with the slot machines (the few I played when we came for his 4th interview with the company--I lost my cash) so I don't frequent the casinos.  We down sized (for now) to a 2bdrm house (from a 4bdrm/finished basement) so I've had to check out the packed boxes to see what is absolutely needed and what could stay packed in the box in the garage.  If any of you are in the area, please do stop in.  We decided not to get a land line phone so jot down my cell (970-218-2299).  Our address is 1655 Iron Mountain Drive,  Reno, NV 89521.    Eventually I'll find a job too but am trying to figure out what kind of nursing I want to do now that I'm grown up (old  is more like it). 

Cara Lee


Life at the Rudolph’s

Husband, Gary Rudolph currently attends Devry University to get his master’s in accounting. This was a big change for us but something he has wanted to do for a long time.  Prior to that he worked at First National Bank of Ft. Collins in the trust department.

His part time job to get him out of the house and away from books is at the Day Reporting Center or half way house.  People who are sentenced for DUI or drug things have to provide urine specimens or breath analysis many times during each week.  If they don’t show up, the staff has to call the probation officer.  This is experience has been so different for him compared to banking.  A real eye opener.

I am currently working as a school nurse in the Poudre School District in Ft. Collins.  Though I only have an August – June work schedule, some days start at 7am for student meetings at the high school and end with 4pm meetings at one of my elementary schools, so having the summer off makes up for all of the over time without pay I do during the year.  I cover the health care needs at 6 schools (3900 students). (There are 8 nurses total that cover 50 school sites Luckily I have a health aide in each school who is in the health office as needed when there are injuries.  I sure don’t remember any classmates in Hebron who had diabetes and had to do blood sugar testing and get insulin or have severe allergies where we had to have emergency medications available because their throat was closing.  I have so many students with those needs in the schools I cover, it is frightening.

In Ft. Collins, many of the neighborhoods have pools that only the people living in that subdivision can use.  Our neighborhood was lacking that and there was a 5 year waiting list for being able to sign up for using one of those pools.  So 7 years ago, my neighbor and I decided that our area of town needed a neighborhood swimming pool so we began the huge task of investigating that.    It involved locating land to purchase, meeting with the city council and all of the city departments to review plans, hiring an architect, pool contractor and major contractor.  I became president of the board by default and my friend was the treasurer.  We had a voluntary board and over the course of 2 years were able to get neighbors to “buy into the idea” and invest in the pool idea.   It opened for use in 2002 and what a grand place it is.  I still can’t believe we got it accomplished.  You all are invited to use one of my guest passes to take a dip if you are ever down in the Ft. Collins area.

We have two children, Vance-age 20 and Kayla, 17yr.  Vance will be a junior at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA.  (which is actually very close to where Pam Wallin Jennings lives in Atkins, IA)  He wanted a college where he could play men’s soccer at the collegiate level, continue playing drums in the band and get a 4 yr degree in nursing.  Unfortunately there isn’t a single college in Colorado that has that combination.  He eventually wants to be a nurse anesthetist.  This summer he has a job working at the hospital in Loveland (just a few miles south of FC) in the neuro ICU as an assistant.  It will be good experience for him.

Kayla will be a senior in one of the 4 high schools in Ft. Collins.  She is trying to figure out what she wants to major in and what college she should attend.  I’m hoping she will look at Jamestown College in ND but I think we have brain washed both kids into how awful cold it is there in the winter, she isn’t keen on even looking at the campus.  She participates in choir and track and this past winter joined the girl’s diving team so she’d have a winter sport to do.  Of course “texting”  and “hanging out with friends” are high on her activity list this summer.

Rudy is the pet dog.  You’d think he was a real person the way he behaves some days.  He is a Bichon Friese, sort of like a poodle but not so hyper.

We have no family in Hebron anymore with the passing of Millie, May 2004.  She went in for surgery to remove a very small malignant tumor in her small bowel and did so well post op but her blood pressure wasn’t managed well during her hospital stay and 10 days after discharge, she had a massive frontal hemorrhage in her brain causing a stroke.  I was able to get her situated in Marion Manor in Glen Ullin so she could rehab.  After spending 5 days with her getting her adjusted, I drove back to CO and 3 days later she was gone.  I have a feeling that OG (my dad) was calling her to come watch with him in heaven, the dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.  I was a chaperone for Vance’s high school band that played 3 concerts during the dedication ceremonies that weekend.  I definitely felt their presence there during that time since OG was such a veteran at heart.


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