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Don Herrly
Don Herrly
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In the first picture above I am holding my 3 24 caret gold, plastic ships on a stick that I won for playing trivia on the cruise ship. In the second Duane Barth and Craig Kokkeler are waiting for a show to start in the night club area of the cruise ship and in the fourth we are catching a little sun on the deck. In the third picture Duane Barth and his now Fiancée' Linda Lincoln, Annamarie and I and Craig and Carol Kokkeler are standing on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was a great February get away, in fact I just booked another cruise for next February, would sure love to have someone else come along. Kennan and Nancy Sailer are thinking about it. If you click on the four images above they will enlarge.

Wow, where have the last 35 years gone? I spent the first few years after High School mainly working construction and serving in the Army National Guard. On October 2nd, 1977 I married Annamarie Tibor (H. H. S. class of 1973) and on December 19th, 1977 I went to work for Montana-Dakota Utilities and am still with both! Although I am hoping to retire from MDU in about 5 years, 7 at the latest. I started out working in a power plant but after 3 years I transferred to the MDU Electric Dispatch Office and I'm still there. I am a NERC (North American Electric Reliability Council) Certified Reliability Coordinator, although my title with MDU is Electric System Dispatcher. We lived in Hebron for about 11 years and then after our son Ben graduated from H. H. S. Class of 1993 I (we) decided that the commute to Bismarck was getting old an we moved back to Mandan where we lived until October of last year when we decided to make the move across the river to Bismarck.

I spent a total of about 7 years in the Army National Guard, 6 years the first time and about a year the second time when I had a mid life crisis and decided I had to prove I was still young, but it just was not as much fun the second time when you are already working some weekends and then to give up more weekends, so I got out. I did graduate from the North Dakota Military Academy Officer Candidate School during my first enlistment. While living in Hebron I was on the Park Board, Ambulance Board and a member of the Ambulance Squad and was a Nationally Certified Emergency Technician. When you called 911, I showed up, scary huh!? I was also on the Hebron Fire Department and was a certified firefighter. I served as the State Commander of The North Dakota American Legion during 1993 - 1994 and as Alternate National Executive Committeeman from 1998 - 2000.

Annamarie and I will be married 30 years this October. We have one son Ben who lives in Fargo. He is married to Michelle Eggert-Herrly (H. H. S. class of 1992). Michelle is the daughter of Wayne (H. H. S. Class of 1970) and Nancy (H. H. S. class of 1972) Rehling-Eggert. They have 1 daughter, Taryn who is the pride and joy of both of her set's of Grandparents.

Well, that is probably more then you wanted to know about me already, so I guess that I will quit for now! I hope that we will all be around so that we can have a better turn out for a 40th anniversary reunion in 2012.

In October 2008 after just a little shy of 31 years with Montana Dakota Utilities, almost 28 years as an Electric System Dispatcher, I decided to go somewhere else to finish my career and accepted employment with the Department of Energy - Western Area Power Administration as a Power System Dispatcher operating the Federal Power System. I still work closely with the same colleagues, including my former work colleagues, that I did before. The original plan was to only be in Watertown for five more years and then retire, but with the stock market as it is, who to heck knows!


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