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Update From Don

So far Craig Kokkeler, Duane Barth and myself have booked this cruise. We would love to have more of you join us! We still want to get together in ND on 28 July 07. So give the cruise planner below a call and book your trip now!


Well Class of 72


Carol and I are up for a group cruise into the Caribbean in early Jan or Feb 07, or a get together in Bismarck 28 July 07 at a nice hotel….   Never-the-less after 35 years we just have to get us all together….  We not getting any younger……J


PS:  If we think about a cruise we would get a real good group rate and there is so much stuff to do all you do is join us and everything else is at our finger tips…They have conference rooms where we can get together and socialize as well as spending time together at all the pools etc….  That would be my # 1 pick… 


Come on everyone let team together and get our info to Don…  We need to plan now


2117 Sun Swept Way
Henderson, NV 89074-4146
H-(702) 202-6531
C-(702) 354-9194
W-(702) 652-6057

Note From Don

We are no longer going through the group booking desk for those that want to join us for a January 2007 cruise, see copy of email below. Please note that when she talks about having discounts for military personnel, she is talking about all Veterans, however she said that the number of military fares available was limited and once that number are sold, they become unavailable for that particular cruise. So book early! Hope to see as many as possible on the cruise and here in ND next Summer!


        As discussed previously over the phone, I can offer you and your group wonderful deals for your up and coming cruise on the Carnival Triumph departing from Miami, Fl. Jan 27, 2007.

I have discounts for Military personnel, past cruisers with Carnival or any of our other lines ( Holland, Costa, P&O, Windstar ect), residents in certain states (nd, nv, ca, ect), as well as any guests traveling over the age of 55.

In order to reserve your cabin along with Craig Kokkeler's group , please contact me to let me know what type of accommodation you will require ( inside, ocean view, private balcony, or suite) and I will guarantee you the lowest fare for the very best accommodation.    The only thing I will need is a $250.00 deposit per person.  In addition, if the rate reduces between now and January I will automatically reduce your fare for you.

Also the deposit is fully refundable until November 12, 2006.  Final payment should be made shortly there after.

Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with everyone individually.


Jacquelyn Spier
Personal Vacation Planner
Carnival Cruise Lines
1-800-819-3902 X- 85890
Mon-Thurs. 11am-8pm, Fri. 9am-6pm EST.

It was wonderful to hear about the reunion plans.  I can't believe it was that long ago that we attended Hebron High.  I am looking forward to whatever is planned.  How about a riverboat dinner and dance?  Just a suggestion.  Maybe just doing it in Hebron would be ok for people coming back, they could stay with family at the same time as attending the reunion. If you need any help, let me know.  My email is: Darlene.Reilly@sendit.nodak.edu
Good to hear from you.


Hi Don!

Great idea!!  So many years, so many memories of the great times when "we had all the answers"!  I have always missed Hebron and wanted to come home.  I moved back three weeks after my daughter graduated in Jamestown.  I've been here almost 3 yrs. now living in my parents home.

It's been a change.  No more cars cruising "Main".  Joe's burned and had to be torn down.  The theater is back for good, I hope!  Main street may have changed, but the memories are still there. 

A cruise sounds fantastic!  Craig (my senior prom date to Wibaux, MT) will have to sneak us all aboard on a classified cruise liner!

A hotel in Bismarck would be my suggestion.  It's close enough for those wanting to visit families and check out Hebron again.  And many are within driving distance.

And to Nancy Sailer, if Don will get into a swimsuit, so can we!  I'll have to buy one first! 

Barb, when are you going to show your age?

Sandy, it's time you made the trip to Hebron! 

Don, if you haven't grown up by 50, you don't have to! 

Craig, I had a great visit with you last summer.  What an amazing and interesting career  you have had!  It just shows you that when you apply your "creative" and "mischievous" energy to good use it pays off! 

Stan put his bookkeeping class with Mr. Ding to good use.  What an inspiration Mr. Ding was!  Thanks for sticking with your hometown, Stan!

I rarely see the classmates that live right here in Hebron.  That's unfortunate.  We are all so into family and busy with just making a living that we rarely bump into each other.  It seems like we need this extra push to get together.

I'd enjoy hearing from all!  My e-mail is countrygirl@westriv.com

Doreen Young
(I just want to say I am grown up, I am grown up, and I am going to hold my breath until I turn blue and Doreen takes it back! Don)

(I received this via snail mail)

Hi Don,

I don't do Emailing so thought that I'd let you know my vote for the reunion. I like the idea of having it here in Bismarck at a hotel. Either eating out at a nice place Saturday night or if the hotel serves fine food we could eat there. I don't vote for a dance, partly cuz I don't, but also I've found it hard to visit through the noise of the dance music. Being able to hang out with friends and visit is more important to me then the noise. I don't know what but there might be other things we could do if we have it here in Bismarck. (Zoo or I don't know?) Others might have idea's. That's all I know for now. Just thought I'd give you my vote. Thank you.

Sandi Auch-Kitzan


Thanks for initiating this. I am sending this brief message to acknowledge your letter and to indicate that Mary and I are already talking about this event. Bismarck or Dickinson would be fine.

You mentioned several classmates that left Hebron before graduating. I do not recall all the names, so I am copying Nancy on this message.

Maybe she and Ken can help fill in the gaps. Most of these were in grade school so they likely predated your time in Hebron, Don.

Here goes.

Paul S. was in the first grade with Mrs. Funk.

Larry Ro??? left about the second grade

??? Ginger left soon after he dad died in the 4th ?? grade.

Barb Bohr?? was in Hebron for several years.

There was a farm family (I believe they lived SW of Hebron) who attended about the 3rd and 4th grade. One boy was our age; another was a year older. I have no recollection of their last name but recall that one of them (perhaps the older one) was Zeke.

Nancy -- do any of these five "ring a bell?" Were there others?

David Saxowsky

Hey David, believe it or not I do remember a few!! I did come up with a few of the names that Don provided but you have listed a few more that we did not think about. I do remember Larry Roerich and Barbara Bohr. I just thought of another one Barry Jones.

I just talked to Kennan and he just amazed me with a few names--the man who can't remember who he met just two hours ago!!! He said it was Paul Scheck and Gayla Gienger. I was also friends with Judy Garland in 3rd grade, she was blind.

I do have a scrap book at home with lots of grade school pictures in it.

I will take some time this weekend to look through it.

I am so enjoying Don's web site, it is great that he has taken this project on. I told Kennan this should be really fun. I have been in touch with Don a few times but have not provided any ideas just yet, I am still trying to think of something.

Keep in touch and we will see you in about a year!



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